Note: any questions/concerns about contributing to this site can be brought to nwunder#5730 in DM on Discord. I’ll get back to you ASAP. :)

Hey everyone, welcome to the Bikini Bottom website contributing guide! We appreciate your interest in helping us out! Firstly, I’d like to note that we’ll be handling contributions through nwunder’s dev repository, hosted at for testing purposes.

Let’s begin

  1. Make a GitHub account here

  2. DM nwunder#5730 on Discord, letting me know your GitHub username so I can give you access to the dev repository. Alternatively, open an issue on the dev repository asking to be added as a collaborator.

  3. Once I’ve added you to the repository, you’ll be able to contribute to our jellymon research project board and make edits to the dev repository.

The project board Wiki

NOTE: The project board ended up being extremely inconvenient for storing a large amount of information. We’ve set up a wiki in the dev reposotory that’s much better for storing jellymon notes and drafting website pages

I’ve made a jellymon research wiki for the dev repository as a way for us to share our notes in an organized fashion. This will be our central hub for collecting information we’d like to put into the website, and can be edited directly by any collaborators online. This page is much easier to edit than the actual site (which is linked to the code in the repository), so should be used for quick notes and such.

We’ll be beginning the jellymon section of the website by assembling everything we can onto this wiki.

Some things about the project board:

Our current sections:

The website repository

This is a GitHub repository, after all. We’re all here because we’re interested in working on the Bikini Bottom website in one way or another. I made this fork of the main repository so I’d have a place to give our users access to contribute while keeping things as organized as possible.

Some things about the dev repository:

A note from Rev

I know learning GitHub can be daunting sometimes, so please, if you need any help learning, don’t be afraid to ask me. I’m happy to help! Additionally, if anyone has questions/concerns/suggestions for the website, the jellymon research project board wiki, or the development github repository, don’t be afraid to send me a DM!

Thanks to everyone who’s expressed interest in contributing to our website! I’m so excited to work with you all!

- nwunder#5730